• Munchkin Nappy Change Organiser

    • Nappy changing organiser that attaches to dressers, changing tables, crib walls, or doors
    • 9 storage compartments with sturdy pockets provide easy access to supplies
    • Holds more than 50 nappies at once
    • Sturdy, reinforced construction
    • White with brown trim
  • Prince Lionheart 2-in-1 Modular Nappy Depot

    • Multiple configurations for any space in your home
    • Can be separated to create two nappy stations
    • Made in the USA out of 100% recycled material
    • Unique three-in-one changing organisers & 2 removable side bins for toiletries
    • Roomy compartments hold 18-20 nappies, creams, lotions & more
    • Handles allow for easy transport
  • Prince Lionheart Hanging Nappy Changing Depot Dresser Organiser

    • Designed for quick and convenient nappy changing
    • Stores all of your nappies, wipes and lotions in one place
    • Attaches securely to most changing tables
    • Has an attachment point for Prince Lionheart's Ultimate Wipes Warmer